Classes for CE credit – including home study classes – may not be
repeated during any given three-year period. What is a “three-year
period?” The first year of a three-year period is the year you take
the course for the first time. “Take the course” means the date on
your completion certificate; not the date you ordered it, completed
it, or submitted it for credit.

For example: You ordered Grammar for Court Reporters in June
of 2014 and returned it for credit in December, receiving a
certificate stating a December, 2014, date of completion. 2014 is
the first year of a three-year period. 2014, 2015, and 2016 is the
three-year period. You are now eligible to retake Grammar for
court reporters for 5 CE in 2017.

Courses with similar titles given by totally different instructors do
not fall under the three-year rule. If you took Grammar from
Superior in 2014 and took Grammar from a different CE provider
in 2015, you will get credit for both courses even though they
occurred in the same three-year period. You can take Superior’s
Grammar course again for credit in 2017.
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