General Information
Class Contents:
1) A video which is the method of presentation of the lecture and demonstration material
2) A workbook containing an outline of the material covered on the video
3) A 3-hole binder to house your finished course
4) A return envelope
5) An audio CD (or cassette if desired) -- Upgrading only
The Way it Works:
Upon our receipt of your Order Form, we will forward to you the packet for the course you
ordered.  All instructions for completing the course are contained in the packet.  As you
watch the video, you take notes in the outline contained in the workbook.  Periodically, both
the video and the workbook will prompt you to stop watching the video and complete an
exercise.  Upon returning to the video that exercise will be discussed and self-evaluated. At
the conclusion of the course you will house your completed notes in the notebook provided.  
You will send certain pages containing the completed exercises back to us. There is no
grade, no pass/fail score. YOU RECEIVE YOUR CREDITS FOR TAKING THE
COURSE.  But we do check the exercises off on a checklist so that we can certify that you
not only bought the course, but that you took the course. We will return all materials to you
again to complete your course notebook.  Depending upon the state or national association
we will either report your completion or send you the paperwork so that you can report your
completion directly.
Cost and Methods of Payment:
Each course costs $75.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling for a total of $85.00 per course.
Any special handling requested by court reporters such as expediting certificates will incur an
additional $15 handling fee PLUS extra postage or phone charges.

We a
ccept checks or money orders made out to Atlanta Peach Reporters OR all major
credit cards.

    Superior Continuing Education, Inc.
          Now an APR Company